Searching for the most select papayas in Veracruz

Searching for the most select papayas in Veracruz

May 28, 2019

One of the hardest tasks for us is finding the right product with the right quality in the perfect place.

Papaya has been a major issue, its origins dated back to “Mesoamerica”, grown in tropical regions in Mexico where you can find diferent varieties including maradol papaya.

Mexicans are accustomed to this fruit as part of their diet included in breakfast, so papaya is irreplaceable for them.

Something that we focus in meticulously is the grow and care of papayas, considering the time to grow the tree (approximately 9 months) plus two months for the fruit to growth. Sadly, on several central markets we can see tons of papayas being wasted.

Maradol Papayas in Veracruz

Papaya is a fruit with a very short life time that has a very sweet taste and a high vitamin and energy content. We are currently looking for the best papayas in Mexico for our clients, we have the confidence and certainty that in some years they will produce more and better papayas.

The development in pre-harvest and post-harvest technologies in Mexico is increasing the progress of packaging and treatments to increase the lifetime of papayas. We believe that some productive zones will be ready soon to export to Europe.

During our last trip to Veracruz, we visited different plantations and we were close to producers who are experimenting with completely new varieties in the region. We were able to observe the hard work that is to take care of them and harvest them, besides the great problem that is to keep them intact and without mechanical damages or aesthetic damages.

Papaya farmers in Veracruz